Art Clay® Silver PRO 950 / 50g
  • Art Clay® Silver PRO 950 / 50g

Art Clay® Silver PRO 950 / 50g


The new choice for Professional! 50g of high strength, high hardness silver alloy metal clay is here! Art Clay Silver 950 comes in a pre-mixed clay form enclosed in a jet-black package. This is a newly designed clay that combines hardness with strength.


Art Clay Silver 950 Clay has the beauty and simplicity expected of the Art Clay Silver series, but also offers exceptional strength and durability. This clay is ready-to-use right from the package, with no measuring or mixing required. Soft and smooth, the slow-drying clay allows plenty of working time, but can also easily be reconditioned with water. Simple to mold, texture, and sculpt, Art Clay 950 is 60% stronger than fine silver and ideal for creating rings, clasps, hinges and other moving parts, and even bangle or cuff bracelets. Best yet, the open-shelf firing is simple and the clay needs no messy carbon; just place on a regular kiln board or firing blanket. Finish pieces easily by hand, and get exactly the shine or patina you desire. Items made with Art Clay 950 can be hallmarks as Sterling, and have a silver purity of .950 when complete.

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