Art Clay Products

Silver, Gold and Copper in clay, paste, syringe and paper forms allow you to create without limits!

Art Clay Products


  • Silver 650

    Clay, Paste and Syringe-type materials that are suitable for firing on a gas stove or with a hand-torch at 650 degrees.

  • Silver

    Exciting products to let your creativity goes wild. Pieces created using these silver types are required to be fired with a kiln.

  • Gold

    Art Clay Gold Clay is a water-based gold clay that can be modeled in the same way as with the other Art Clay series products. It will transform to high quality 22-Karat gold after firing and contracts about 15% during the firing process. Paste type Art Clay Gold comes in a viscous liquid form, so that you can add texture or draw directly on the surface of Art Clay Silver (fired piece), ceramic, porcelain and/or glass.

  • Copper

    Art Clay Copper is the newest clay product in the range and can be utilized to make a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs and objects like sculptures and models. Art ClayTM Copper can be fired in an electric kiln without using carbon, with the resulting fired piece being more than 99.5% pure Copper.

  • Other Art Clays

    Here you will find other Art Clay Silver products - such as formulations that can be used to join fired pieces, produce beautiful overlays and more…

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